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If your best mate is a proper petrolhead, pick Powerturns for his York stag party. This is a hilarious driving challenge that'll mess with your mind! Put your skills, speed (and patience) to the test as you tackle an off road sports course in pairs. Grab a lever each and see if you can manoeuvre one of these wild buggies round the field. The whole setup of a Powerturn buggy is arse about tit! There are two engines in the back, independent drive wheels, two joystick-style levers instead of a steering wheel, and no pedals. Reckon you can get your head around that?

Powerturn buggies can pull all sorts of awesome tricks. Spin 360 degrees on the spot, do massive wheelies while you shout 'Hell YEAH!' at top volume. That kind of thing. They pack 200ccs of power and have independent steering. You'll need to work as a team if you want to unlock the potential of your buggy, smash the course and get round in the quickest time. This activity takes place on an outdoor adventure park within a country estate in North Yorkshire. Leave the city of York behind for a couple of hours and get your kicks with a little off road driving action.

You've got to have a competitive activity for a York stag party. Powerturns is a true test of driving skill, team work, speed and reactions. Smash this one and earn bragging rights for the rest of the stag do.

In brief:

  • Powerturns activity at an adventure park in North Yorkshire
  • Twin-seater buggies operated by 2 levers
  • 2 people to a buggy
  • Training provided
  • Timed skills course challenge
  • All equipment is supplied
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This Package Includes

  • Powerturns
  • Assault Course
  • Stein Bier Keller
  • Accommodation

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