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If you want to give the groom an epic Warsaw stag party, stag arrest with strip should do the trick. Here's the plan: you lot get him in a Warsaw city centre pub or place at the prearranged time. We'll arrange for the Polish 'police' to pick him up. He'll be taken off for 'questioning' as you lot act all surprised. He reckons he's going to spend the rest of the stag weekend in the slammer. Imagine the look on his face when he sets eyes on our hot stripper. She'll treat him to a show so hot it should be illegal!

A stitch up with a happy ending is just what you want for a Warsaw stag party. Stag arrest with strip will give you lot a laugh, dish out some punishment to the stag, and then put him out of his misery in a big way. Get the boys to chip in and send the stag off with a Hangover-style surprise. Welcome to Poland!

The main man might not remember everything about his Warsaw stag party but he definitely won't forget a stag arrest with strip show!

In a nutshell:

  • Staged stag arrest with strip show
  • Fake Polish police arrest the stag
  • He gets a 15-minute strip show
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