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Paella is the quintessential Mediterranean dish. Learn how to make it on your Valencia stag party, and spend a few hours living like a local!

If you've had paella before, you'll know how delicious it is. If you haven't, you're about to find out! This seaside classic is a slow-cooked dish of special rice, fish, shellfish, onions, garlic, and seasoning, and it tastes absolutely awesome with a few glasses of wine. And a massive helping of Spanish sunshine. In other words: it's the ultimate way to put a big sociable meal together for your stag party in Valencia.

For this cooking class, we're taking you to a bona fide paella school. Under the tutelage of an expert chef, you'll construct a huge, colourful feast fit for a group of hungry lads. You'll be taken step-by-step through the process, and at the end of the lesson you'll have the centrepiece for a three course meal. Sit down, grab a knife and fork, and get stuck in!

Paella gets delicious by cooking long and slow: and that means you lot will have plenty of time to hang out between cooking jobs. Catch up with the fellers. Tell embarrassing stories about the main man. We're laying on plenty of wine and beer and some traditional Spanish snacks, to keep you well fed and watered while you wait for the paella broth to cook to perfection. Raise a few glasses to the groom, take the edge off the appetite, and let the smells of slow-cooked perfection get you ready for a king-sized feast! This is going to taste epic...

In a nutshell

  • Learn to make paella on your Valencia stag party
  • Chef's hat and apron
  • 3 course meal (which includes the paella)
  • Wine tasting and snacks
  • 3.5-4 hours
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