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A Tallinn stag do symbolises all that's great about Eastern European sendoffs. Long before Sofia and Riga became popular, the capital of Estonia was sending satisfied chaps home with tales of hot strip shows, £1 pints, and adrenaline-busting activities. Small but perfectly formed, this fairytale town with a wild underbelly is a worthy contender for the big man's last stand.

Universal Appeal - Tallinn, Estonia Stag Do

A Tallinn stag do has universal appeal. The medieval and the modern collide in this captivating city with a split personality. By day, she's all winding cobbled streets, medieval churches, onion domes and chilled out cafes. When the sun goes down, the evil twin takes over and those same stone walls you strolled past earlier are illuminated with the winking lights of wine cellars, trendy bars, cellar clubs, strip joints, beer houses with live oompah bands, and lively pubs.

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