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Weird white nights and scores of wonderful women. St Petersburg is one of those stag do cities that really stands out. The islands, bridges, canals, golden domes, twisting spires and incredible castles of St Petersburg make it a stag party city to remember. Where better than the land of the great to bid farewell to life as a single man?

St Petersburg stag parties aren't your average pre-wedding shindigs. Come in June or July and you'll get to experience the famous White Nights, when the sun never sets. Summer is an excellent time for a St Petersburg stag weekend. The city springs into life with parties, festivals, and concerts and the locals spill out onto the picturesque streets. At night, the city parties hard in the trendy late bars, cutting-edge clubs, and casinos. East really does meet West in St Petersburg. Stag weekend groups are in for a completely unique experience in this vibrant and varied city that blends Russian tradition with European style. You've got a great selection of stag party activities too, including: Military Shooting, Paintball, Karting, Bowling, Ski-ing and Snowboarding.

Wondering how to go about organising a St Petersburg stag do? It does take a bit of effort and imagination, but you can leave the hard work to us and still bask in the glory of having the nous to plan such a cracking bash! We sort stag dos all over the world and make it our business to know the score when it comes to activities, accommodation and nightlife. Give us a shout and let us sort you out with a St Petersburg stag weekend that ticks all the boxes. You'll be pleased to hear that you won't need to clean out your bank account to enjoy a St Petersburg stag do. It may not be as cheap as Riga, but it is an excellent choice if you're after a mid-range party city.

Include a tour of the city in your St Petersburg stag weekend and see why this magnificent metropolis is raved about by all and sundry. You'll see everything from the breathtaking green, white and gold Winter Palace to the glistening St Isaac's Cathedral. A tour of St Petersburg will introduce your stag party group to the longest street in the city - Nevsky Prospekt - which is a 3-mile cornucopia of grand buildings, stylish restaurants, bars, clubs, and bright lights. You can always charter a boat and see the city by canal if you don't fancy pavement pounding. Or check out the Vodka Museum for a more merry look at Russian culture. Yes, it does include a tasting session. Speaking of which, a traditional Russian meal is a must on a St Petersburg stag weekend. It's not all potatoes; the city has a great selection of restaurants so prepare to be pleasantly surprised.

St Petersburg stag nights can be cheesy or classy. It all depends on your mood and tastes. This is a city of stark contrasts and offers all sorts of venues, ranging from cheap to chi-chi. The locals love their booze and get their groove on with the slightest provocation, so expect a late and large one of an evening. The pubbing and clubbing scene is thriving and boasts all sorts of crazy venues, from 24 hour pubs and theme bars to incredibly glitzy clubs stuffed with drool-inducing dames. Fancy a strip show? No problem. St Petersburg stag night groups have no worries when it comes to feasting eyes upon go-go girls and lap dancers. Gambling is practically a national pastime in St Petersburg, so stag parties with a penchant for poker and gaming are in for a grand old time on a Casino Night. St Petersburg stag weekends are all about the pursuit of pleasure, so you're sure to find something to inspire and entertain after dark.

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