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Package Includes

  • Quad Biking
  • Rage Buggies
  • Archery
  • VIP Night Club Entry
  • Accommodation

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From Only £119.00 Per Person

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Activities Included in This Package

Quad Biking

Quad Biking

Get the boys out of Sheffield's bars for an afternoon of serious mud-churning, in one of our spectacular quad sessions! We run three different quad events from our site: an assault course, a safari course and a quad trek.

The assault course is purpose built to get your driving skills up to the mark, and it's the first thing we'll get your stag party doing. Awesome instructors are on hand to help you get the hang of your 125cc Yamaha Breeze quads, putting you through your paces around slalom poles, up and down ramps and under a limbo.

Once you've found your feet, we'll take you on to the safari course. Over 18 acres of challenging terrain, our instructors will lead you through drops, jumps, bumps, troughs and swamps. Get ready to get dirty!

If you really want to push the boat out (well, the quad), we'd recommend adding a quad trek to your stag do driving day. We'll lead you out into the countryside - and we mean real countryside, none of your easy woodland trails. This is for the stag that wants to get seriously involved with nature. Well, smash it up a bit with huge off road tyres. Top stuff, and a favourite for Sheffield-based stag parties.

Rage Buggies

Rage Buggies

With a name like Rage buggies, you can expect your Sheffield stag party to heat up right off the starting grid. Fly into corners in these 600cc mad machines for a driving experience that'll get everyone in the group roaring with joy. If time trials in souped up off road karts sounds like your idea of a good time, this is your dream drive.

The boys on the Top Gear team voted Rage buggies the best off road vehicle in their category. Developing more than twice the power of the closest equivalent kart or quad, a Rage machine works like a massive radio controlled car. It's that fast, and that responsive. Stamp on the loud pedal, and you'll hit 60mph in around five seconds.

Our Rage driving track is perfectly kitted out for the stag party that wants a really crazy afternoon behind the wheel. Learn to charge your Rage buggy through jumps, over humps and around a challenging circuit, before we unleash you on an optional time trial challenge.

The time trial Rage competition is brilliant for a stag - each member of the team takes it in turns behind the wheel, while the rest of you add pit station support (or open mockery, it's up to you). Contest with the best for a Sheffield stag party that will live on in the memory for years.



You know the legend of Robin Hood off by heart. We've all seen Hawkeye draw his bow in the The Avengers, and Oliver Queen crush bad guys as Arrow on TV. Step into the boots of the heroes and experience the awesomeness of archery on your Sheffield stag party. You'll learn the basics and try your hand at a little target practice at our outdoor activity site in Nottinghamshire. You can't get a more fitting location than that! Master the essential skills in the home of the man himself.

Here's how this works: our qualified archery instructors do the necessary safety briefing, get you all fixed up with high quality bows, and show you all the different stages to the archery shot. There's more to it than you think. Can you nock your arrow, line up your shot, release and follow it through in one go? Once you've learned the techniques, you'll shoot for real. Who can stay focused, smash it and get top score on the day?

The best thing about archery is that any lad can do it. Doesn't matter if you're young or old, hench or have a bit of a beer belly going on. If you want something fun and exciting that's fine for a whole bunch of different ages and abilities, archery is ideal. Everyone will love this, and the bride's dad gets to make loads of jokes about shooting the stag. Perfect.

One of the best Sheffield stag party ideas, archery will test your skill, cool and nerve. It's also competitive, which makes it perfect for a stag. Lads, we have a winner!

VIP Night Club Entry

VIP Night Club Entry

Sheffield is blessed with some of the best night clubs in Britain - and that means massive queues and picky door staff. In order to make the most of the biggest part of your stag party, you need to do some forward planning. Step forward, best men, and earn your stripes!

Booking and advance VIP night club entry pass gets you into one of the most popular clubs in Sheffield, guaranteed - and one that's passed all of our stringent entry tests. There have to be ladies in large numbers, preferably a bunch of hen parties as well. The club has to be friendly to stag parties. And it's got to be bucketloads of awesome.

Make the most of Sheffield's party districts with VIP guest list entry to massive clubs on Burgess Street and Carver Street (clubs change week to week according to popularity). You'll sail straight past the queuing masses and into the party!

Stop worrying about whether you'll get past the door staff, or have to find a bunch of strangers to pair off with just to get in. And start relaxing for the rest of the stag weekend, smugly aware that you've already sorted out the major party part of your Sheffield mayhem!

Your Sheffield VIP night club entry pass includes:

  • Guest list entry to a top Sheffield night club


The city of steel is home to thousands of hotels, hostels and other accommodation options. So how are you going to pick the one that's right for your stag weekend? Simple. Leave everything to us, turn up on the day, check in and start drinking. We don't call ourselves stag party experts for nothing, you know.

We've got contacts in Sheffield's best central hotels, its cheeriest budget hostels and its most impressive boutique and five star accommodation. Plus we know the area, so we can recommend a hotel or hostel that's close to where you want to be in the evenings - meaning you only have a few streets to wander down before you get to your bed!

Every stag weekend is different: a different budget, different ideas about what you want to do, and different preferences for where you sleep. We'll take it all into consideration when we give you recommendations for the roof over your head: how much you want to spend, how many people are coming on the stag do, and whether you want something basic you can rely on, or a little bit of special for Captain Swanky and his last weekend as a single feller. We'll give you choices based on the kinds of things you really want - like a 24 hour bar service - and when you're done picking, we sort out all the paperwork for you.

Prices are based on 1 nights' accommodation however 2 nights' accommodation is also available.


Site images are only a representation of activities, events and accommodation.
All stag packages are based on default prices and so are subject to change dependant on availability.


From Only £119.00 Per Person

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