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Sheffield's legendary dog racing stadium is the ideal location for a Saturday night stag party special! After a hefty Friday in the bars and clubs of West Street and the city centre, changing up the pace and doing something really original is the way forward.

Place your bets on the Tote, dig in to your chicken in a basket meal, grab a free beer and wave your caps in the air! A night out at the dogs is a brilliant combo of old school eats, awesome atmosphere and genuine excitement.

You'll get a table with a great view of Sheffield's favourite track. While you're eating and toasting the groom, you'll be able to place Tote bets right there at your table. Afterwards, there a betting windows and self bet machines located all around the stadium. Get trackside for a real flavour of the races, and marvel at the hounds legging it past you at speeds of up to 40mph. Visit the course bars and toast your victory.

Will you bet for a straight win, a place, or a forecast (a double bet on the first two finishing dogs)? If you're feeling really lucky, get the whole stag party to club together for a Jackpot bet, which aims to forecast the results of six races. You have to place your Jackpot before any of the races start, and if you win you'll sweep a massive rollover pot from the whole stadium!