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Get your poker face on, lads, it's time to pretend you know a straight flush from a full house! Games of chance have always a stag party favourite - there's nothing like dressing up and playing at being high rollers to bring out the man in you - and poker is king of them all. You'll get the full works here, a classy table in a top Salou casino, plus poker expertise and a bevy of gorgeous hostesses! Go aces wild for a stag night you won't forget in a hurry (especially if you lose your shirt...)!

So who's got the chops for a nail-biting final raise - and who's a no-hoper when it comes to concealing the truth about his hand? You'll find out some surprising truths about your mates when you settle down for a proper evening of knowing looks, telltale finger-taps and tense whisky drinking. Just make sure you let the groom to be win the final pot. You know he's only going to spend it on a round of shots, and it'll make him feel like an A List gambling mastermind for the rest of the night.

A word of advice: split out gambling money from the rest of the kitty, set a limit and stick to it. Or play for matchsticks. Hell, all that really matters is pretending to be Al Pacino.

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Poker Night

Poker Night

This Package Includes

  • Poker Night
  • Airport Transfers
  • Accommodation

From £123.00