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Think you've got action-hero skills? Put your money where your mouth is in this ball-bouncingly scary stag party challenge!

The goal is simple. Climb a 9 ft high pole, then leap from it to catch a trapeze. We'll say that again. 9 ft high. Trapeze. And you have to jump from your perch on the pole to grab hold of the bar. Told you you'd have to be an action hero...

This awesome test of nerve takes place at an adventure centre on the outskirts of Reading. Surrounded by the lush Berkshire forest, your stag party will be challenged to show off its collective courage. Have you got the balls to make the jump?

Guided by expert instructors, and harnessed to a wire above the pole, you'll always be in safe hands. But you won't feel safe, when you're teetering on top of the platform, trying to convince yourself it's OK to jump! 9 ft is a really long way up, when you're looking down. And leaping into space to grab a thin trapeze bar, suspended miles away from your hands, isn't at all easy.

Got confidence to burn? The guys at this Reading adventure centre will happily move the trapeze bar farther away, if you want to make the jump even harder. Go on, lads. What's the worst that can happen? Oh yes. You'll be left dangling from your harness while everyone posts video of your fail on YouTube.

Combine trapeze jumping with other stag party activities at this adventure centre, to create an epic afternoon package.

In a nutshell:

  • Jump from a 9 ft high pole and catch a trapeze
  • Professional instructor
  • All safety equipment

This activity is usually combined with others to make a package.

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