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Fat suits. Top knots. Wedgies. Manly roaring and head-to-head battles! It's a sumo wresting stag do in Reading and it's comedy genius. Go up against your mates for the title of Grand Sumo Champion, wearing a massive padded sumo suit with traditional loincloth and topknot. The aim is simple: win three bouts and you'll be the champ. The lads will laugh so hard they beg for mercy and you'll get the best pictures and video out of it.

Sumo wrestling is the ideal activity for a stag do in Reading. It's an activity that you can do on a hangover, and it's pretty much the only sport where it's perfectly acceptable to have a bit of a beer belly. Perfect! The difficult bit is stopping laughing so you can psych your opponent out. Get him off his guard and then push him out of the ring. Not so easy when you've got to contend with a load of slippery plastic padding!

Sign up for the most hilarious activity a man can get for a stag do in Reading. Sumo wrestling is in a league of its own. If you want something that's funny, competitive and original, get in the ring and do the sumo thing.

In brief:

  • Sumo wrestling mini tournament
  • Giant padded sumo suits
  • Win 3 bouts to win the tournament
  • Venue located just 10 minutes from Reading by car
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