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Want to source some saucy entertainment for the stag party in Puerto Banus, but don't want to hire a stripper? Lads, we've got the perfect alternative! Nude life drawing is classy, sexy, and best of all the better half can't say a word against it. It's art, and that means you get a free pass.

We'll send a proper art teacher to your accommodation, accompanied by a gorgeous model in her 20s or 30s. She's all natural and loads of fun, but best of all she's naked. There won't be a stitch of clothing on her while you lot draw her, and you can't even say that for most strippers!

Like all the best things in life, this stag party activity is simple. Once the model's where she needs to be, your instructor will hand out drawing materials and task you with creating quick sketches of her. She usually changes her pose every few minutes, so you'll need to be quick with a pencil if you're going to capture her in all her glory.

Naked life drawing is an awesome alternative to a standard strip show. If the groom's a bit of a shrinking violet, it's also the perfect way to get him some lady fun without making him the centre of attention.

In a nutshell:

  • Nude life drawing at your accommodation in Puerto Banus
  • Drawing instructor and materials
  • Naked model
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