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Arrrrgh! Calling all landlubbers... if you want more than just a pub crawl to keep the boys busy on a stag weekend in Palma, here's what you need to do. Dress up as a pirate, and grab our saucy treasure hunt by the balls.

This is the ultimate way to bring the lads back from a hangover. One minute, they're moping around Palma looking like a dead duck in a thunderstorm. The next, they're champing at the bit trying to solve the clues and answer the questions in an epic pub quiz! You get a treasure map to follow, a ton of swashbuckling hints to bring the prize closer to your grasp, and a boatload of chances to quaff ale along the way. All together now - yo ho ho and a bottle of, erm, beer.

Still not sure? Lads, this is no ordinary treasure hunt. Instead of a lame-o prize at the end of the quest, you get a very saucy reward indeed. So splice yer mainbrace, run the Jolly Roger up the flagpole and prepare to put Palma to the sword. Things are going to get pretty cheeky before the adventure's over!

We reckon this is the ultimate stag weekend drinking activity. Argue over the questions, accept the challenges, and see if you can 'reveal' the naughty treasure chest!

In a nutshell:

  • Saucy treasure hunt
  • Instructions, treasure map and clues
  • Drinking games
  • Saucy prize
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