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What have the Spanish ever done for us? Tapas, that's what! The greatest culinary invention since someone stuck a Breville out the back of your local pub, tapas is to stag parties what performance-enhancing drugs are to Olympic sprinters. Delicious, bite-sized, and packed with enough nutrition to keep you going all night long.

Why sit down to a big, belly-busting stag weekend dinner that's going to put you right off your beer? In Palma, they do things the Balearic way. And that means squillions of tasty dishes, fresh from the kitchen, none of which are big enough to get in the way of a good night out!

Palma is legendary for its freshly-caught fish and shellfish. Expect plenty of oceanic treats mixed in with your tapas. You'll also get a ton of classic dishes, which they enjoy all over Mallorca and mainland Spain. We're talking thick slices of Spanish omelette (otherwise known as tortillas), and the spiky, spicy legend that is patatas bravas. Watch out for those little chillies!

There's usually a boatload of robust cheese on a tapas menu, not to mention olives and vegetables. In other words, it's like the best party buffet ever. Only you're in beautiful Palma, surrounded by chicks wearing swimming costumes. Epic!

In a nutshell:

  • Tapas meal in a great venue in Palma
  • Minimum 8 people
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