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Want to up the culture stakes on your drinking tour of Palma? Lads, stag weekends aren't just about hopping from drinks deal to drinks deal. Well, they are, but the trick is to find a deal that gives a little extra! Like this epic wine-and-tapas combo, which gives you four glasses of vino and a bunch of delicious snacks.

Tapas is primo stag weekend food. It's an endless procession of awesome local dishes, each one perfect to scoff with a big mouthful of wine. You get to sample loads of different regional and national specialities, and because each dish is so small you never end up stuffing yourself.

In other words, tapas is the last word in tactical eating. Have a bit of wine, grab another dish. It's like it was made for a big session. And no, we're not encouraging you to get hammered. But it is a stag weekend! Enjoy it without falling over by 9pm: offset the alcohol with some top-notch bar eats.

If you've got a few older guys coming along on the stag weekend, a tapas and wine session is the perfect way to get them involved. Bring everyone together for a huge social start to the evening, sink a few glasses with dads and uncles, then leave them in your wake as you roll on to the Paseo Maritimo and a massive all-nighter. You win, they win, everyone gets back to the hotel happy.

In a nutshell:

  • Wine and tapas in Palma
  • 4 free glasses of wine
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