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Palma's the perfect place for a stag do - half action-packed, and half full of drunk chicks in bikinis. It's got bling, it's got a ton of amazing bars and clubs, and it's also got more beachside real-estate than most cities. And that means just one thing. Epic adventures you can't have unless you've got access to the ocean.

Parasailing is one of our favourite alternative stag do activities. It's the only one we've ever tried that gives you a massive adrenaline rush while being the most chilled-out thing ever. You won't find a more relaxing spot in the whole of Palma than several hundred feet up in the air!

Here's how it works. You strap into the harness, and your tow craft achieves a speed that gets you to lift up into the clear blue sky. As the line plays out and the sail fills with a warm breeze, you'll drift above Palma's beaches like a bird. And that's it. You, the air currents, and a massive panoramic view of the Mallorcan capital. Amazing.

After all the drinking and carrying on you've done in the bars of the Paseo Maritimo, a 10-minute chilling session is just what the stag do doctor ordered! Leave wedding worries, headaches, and hissy fits behind. Oh, and if you want to amp up the adrenaline, you can add ringo boats and banana boats to the experience!

In a nutshell:

  • 20 minutes from Palma
  • Transfers
  • Add a banana boat and/or a ringo boat for a small extra fee
  • No minimum number
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Pick from one of our Palma stag party packages below

fancy border Sun Sea and Strippers

Sun Sea and Strippers

This Package Includes

  • Parasailing
  • Meal and Strip Show
  • Night Club Entry
  • Airport Transfers
  • 2 Nights Accommodation

From £241.00

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