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Palma's a party paradise, crammed to the gills with clubs, seaside drinking spots and a generous helping of hotties in scanty bathing costumes. It's also a haven for the rich and infamous, with a bolthole status that goes all the way back to the days of Marlene Dietrich and soul legend Ray Charles. You'll find as many swanky cocktail bars on the epic Paseo Maritimo as you will giant clubs.

Been to Ibiza? Want to put a bit of city slick on top of those Balearic beats? Gents, we proudly present the hottest stag party ticket in the islands. Welcome to Palma de Mallorca, where the Mediterranean massive go to let it all hang out!

The further you go along the coast road, the more hardcore the clubs become. Head a couple of miles out of Palma's centre for epic shape-throwing palaces that'll help you lose a weekend in as much deep techno, trance and house as you can handle. Or stick to the clubs nearer the marina for a crowd-pleasing belter of a drinking session!

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