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There's paintball and then there's tank paintball. Nottingham stag party ideas don't get any bigger or more exciting than this. Grab suits and helmets, jump into tanks, and let battle commence! Instructors will teach you how to man the controls, load the cannon, aim and fire. Keep the hatch open for the practice lap and then put your skills to the test by using the periscope on laps two and three. No easy task! It's three to a tank: a driver, a loader and a shooter. Work out who's doing what and take the enemy down with giant paintballs.

The site is about an hour's drive from Nottingham. Once there, you'll be met by instructors who will hand out helmets and suits so you feel like you're really going into battle. They'll teach you how to drive a tank and then get you out in the field for some target practice. Reckon you can load the breach and fire a whacking great paintball under real battle conditions? Sharpen your skills, decide on tactics and then go for glory!

The most fun you can have on a Nottingham stag party, tank paintball is both badass and competitive. Why run around the woods firing a gun when you can jump inside a tank and splatter the opposition with cannon-size paintballs? Go large or go home!

In brief:

  • Tank paintball at a former bombing range
  • 1-hour drive from Nottingham
  • Learn how to control a tank and fire huge paintballs from the cannon
  • 3 people in each tank
  • Instruction is included in the price
  • Suits and helmets to wear on site
  • Free museum admission
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