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Pick tank driving for your Nottingham stag do and take a real armoured vehicle out round a WW2 bombing range! If your bro's a petrol head and likes his big boys toys, tank driving will do it for him. Drive laps with and without the instructor, with the hatch up and down, like they do in actual combat situations.

On arrival at HQ you'll be briefed, given tank suits and helmets, and then taken out for a lap with an instructor. Climb in via the hatch, get a feel for the controls with the hatch up, and then find out what it's like to drive using just periscope vision. It will really spin you out at first! You'll be wearing a headset so the instructor will be able to talk to you. The final lap can be with the hatch up or down. Depends on whether you're all about the fun or have a burning desire to really smash tank driving.

There's only one down side: your bog standard car will be a pretty boring ride after you've been in a decommissioned tank!

Tank driving is one of those rarely available activities you can only try in a handful of stag do destinations in the UK. Nottingham is near one of the elite few. Pass up the golden opportunity to try tank driving and you'll still be kicking yourself at 80. Enlist and feel the pure, unadulterated rush of driving a real military vehicle.

In brief:

  • Tank driving session
  • Secret location in Leicestershire
  • Learn how to operate and drive a genuine tank on a former bombing range
  • Drive with the periscope, like you would in actual battle conditions
  • Instruction included
  • Suits and headgear supplied
  • Entry to the museum is included
  • Seasonal activity
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