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After spending the weekend by the sea, you will definitely need a break from the sea breeze. The old school sports day event is the ideal way to get the lads together. Send the big lad off with the best laugh he's had in years, with bouncy hoppers and bean bags galore. This activity combines fun and childhood memories in one.

Just because you probably last finished school quite a few years back (for most of us anyway) it doesn't mean you've forgotten about all those times you geared yourself up to win sports day. Time to look back and see if you have still got what it takes to defeat the lads! Think of bean bags, sack racing and even bouncy hoppers. These are the legendary games you'll love. With no organisation required, we include your own instructor who will run the games. You will even be split into 'houses' between your party, where you will compete to earn points and win. So all you will have to do is grab the lads and their gym bags. Get in!

In a nutshell:

  • Traditional old sports day activity
  • Venue and equipment hire included
  • Your own event coordinator
  • Prizes for the winning team
  • Space hoppers, egg and spoon race and other events included
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