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  • Body Boarding
  • Banana Boat
  • VIP Night Club Entry
  • Accommodation

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From Only £159.00 Per Person

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Activities Included in This Package

Body Boarding

Body Boarding

Body boarding is an epic addition to the activities on your Newquay stag weekend! It's a little bit easer than surfing, but it's still got a massive adrenaline quota!

Body boarding is the art of using a float-style board (which is attached to your wrist with a flexible cord) to body-surf on broken or unbroken waves. Because you don't have to stand up, there's less technique to worry about, and that means it's a great introduction to water sports!

Don't be fooled into thinking body boarding is somehow less of a full-on sport than surfing, though. It's different, but it's still epic. And because your body is close to the wave for the whole ride, you actually get a more intimate experience of the way the water works. It's a sport that's perfect for helping novice surfers get a better understanding of wave riding, as well as a big adrenaline hit in its own right.

For your Newquay stag weekend, we'll hook you up with an experienced surf instructor who's also a qualified life guard. You'll learn key skills (like reading and catching waves) on the beach, before being thrown into waist-deep water for as much board time as possible!

This is a rock-solid addition to any outdoorsy stag weekend. Suit up, strap those boards to your wrists, and get in the waves.

In a nutshell

  • All equipment
  • 2.5 hours
  • Instructors are qualified lifeguards
  • Lessons may be shared depending on numbers
Banana Boat

Banana Boat

Looking for Newquay stag do ideas that'll send the adrenaline off the scale? Get your names down for a banana boat ride. Reckon you can hold on and resist the urge to scream longer than every other lad on board? Only one way to find out! Jump on and zoom around one of the most stunning bays in Newquay. This is one hell of a way to get your kicks. Enjoy the rush, soak up the sun and be blown away by amazing views of golden sandy beaches, sheer cliffs, green fields and the open waters of the Atlantic.

This is the banana boat ride that puts you in control! No two rides are the same. Just tell the driver how fast or slow you want to go and he'll do what you want. But let's face it; you're not going to ask for a leisurely cruise. Knowing you lot, it'll be a nerve-shredding, ball-shrinkingly scary ride that'll end up with the stag getting a right dunking at the end. Standard.

This is your perfect Newquay stag do activity for the second day of the weekend, when you need to kickstart things after the messy first night. Go out on the water and jack up the adrenaline. Give us the nod and we'll get you all booked on for a ride that will make your hands shake and brain buzz. Come get some!

In brief:

  • Banana boat ride for your Newquay stag do
  • Charge around a beautiful bay
  • All necessary gear supplied
  • Driver will go as slow or fast as you like
VIP Night Club Entry

VIP Night Club Entry

So you've caught some waves, mingled with the hot surfer girls, and now you're ready for a night on Newquay's famous tiles. Question: where are you going to go - and are you going to get in when you get there?

A VIP night club entry pass takes care of a stag party's two most pressing concerns: finding the best place to get funky (and talk to girls), and making sure the door staff are going to let you in when you get there. We've done all the forward planning for you, and arranged queue jumping tickets to the hottest spots in Newquay. You'll be welcomed by the door dudes, and ushered straight into the club of your stag party dreams.

Dancing hotties in surfer's evening gear (it's tight, bro), visiting hens letting it all hang out - and more drinks promotions than you can shake a massive bowl of cocktails at. What's not to like?

VIP night club entry guarantees you the night of your life. Just the ticket for a stag party looking to make its mark on Newquay. Round up the usual suspects. It's time to take the town by storm.

Best men: this is the package that lets you off the hook. You know what to do!



Fancy staying in a surf lodge for your stag weekend? How about one of Newquay's impressive old sea front hotels, or a cheap and welcoming bed and breakfast? Whatever your dream stag party accommodation, we've got the options that make sense.

Get your stag party into the best hotels, onto the funkiest campsites and in with the coolest hostels in the UK capital of water sports. From hostels run by colourful surf bums to five star opulence in grand hotels or modern apartments, we'll find you the perfect stag accommodation for your weekend in Newquay.

What's it to be - onsite swimming pool, bar that never shuts, location right on the beach? Give us your must-haves and your budget, and we'll do the rest.

No more hassle, no more worrying whether you've gone for the right option. We've tried and tested out hotel, hostel, campsite and B&B options to bring you the best at every price level. Budget stag accommodation gives you no frills security and somewhere to sleep: top of the range means all the stops pulled out for a weekend of living high on the hog.

We'll help you pick accommodation that puts you right in amongst it, or a place out overlooking the sea.

Prices are based on 2 nights' accommodation. Minimum of 2 nights stay is required in Newquay.


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From Only £159.00 Per Person

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