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Package Includes

  • Beach Abseil
  • Beach Dodgeball
  • Luxury BBQ and Beer
  • Lap Dancing Club Entry
  • Bed and Breakfast Accommodation

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From Only £161.00 Per Person

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Activities Included in This Package

Beach Abseil

Beach Abseil

Got balls of solid steel? You'll need them! Step off a cliff and walk backwards down the rock to the beach below. This is a stag weekend activity that really separates the men from the boys!

We love watching the groom when he realises he's got to put his money where his mouth is, and abseil down a cliff with everyone watching him! Those first few steps, as you shuffle backwards towards the cliff edge with your body screaming at you to stop, are absolutely hilarious. Get your phones ready and film him as he disappears over the lip...

You'll be perfectly safe all the way down, of course-for this Newquay stag weekend activity, everyone is securely harnessed before they get anywhere near the cliff edge. Then the qualified instructors who work at this adventure centre talk you through each step. Before you know it, you'll be down at beach level, experiencing a huge rush of relief and achievement!

The views on the way down are second to none, so if you can stop crapping yourself long enough to look we recommend having a peek at the scenery! You'll be abseiling 120 ft down a cliff face overlooking one of the most beautiful, secluded bays in Newquay, and that means amazing Atlantic scenery on all sides. See if you can spot a few surfers as you make your descent.

Abseiling is a brilliant addition to any Newquay stag weekend. It requires a minimal level of fitness, it's a lot safer than it looks, and anyone can do it (as long as they've got the nuts to take those initial steps). The question us, are you man enough to give it a go?

In a nutshell

  • 120 ft abseil
  • Cliff to beach
  • Experienced instructors
  • All safety gear
  • Wear suitable trainers, and loose clothing
Beach Dodgeball

Beach Dodgeball

Dodgeball is the ultimate stag party game! Get involved in this brilliant, one-hour beach activity.

If you're looking for a quick, fun hangover cure for day two of your Newquay stag do, this is it! Nobody stays grumpy for long when the dodgeballs come out. Split the lads into teams and do battle on the sand.

Your dodgeball game takes place on one of the most beautiful beaches in Newquay: a secluded, privately-owned bay that's well sheltered from the wind thanks to its high cliff sides. Popular with surfers and party people, it's a great spot for a high-octane beach dodgeball challenge!

If you've never played before, dodgeball is the American art of whaling on your opponent with a collection of balls. The game starts with all the dodgeballs (they're foam, at this game) lined up on the halfway marker. When the whistle blows, the two teams rush for the middle of the pitch and snag as many balls as they can. Then it's war! Hurl your ball as hard as you can at your opponents. If you hit someone, they're out. If they catch your ball, you're the one to go.

The winning team is the one with the last man standing!

We're supplying a referee for your dodgeball game, to keep you playing within the rules. Wind up your throwing arm, and don't be shy about double-teaming the stag!

In a nutshell

  • Beach dodgeball game for your Newquay stag do
  • Balls and referee
  • 1 hour
  • Throw balls at each other to eliminate players from the game
Luxury BBQ and Beer

Luxury BBQ and Beer

Make it a Newquay stag do and you can have a luxury beach BBQ with beer jugs. Because you're in Cornwall, this happens at an awesome venue overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. It's Cornwall's answer to the Spanish beach club. It's all fresh white parasols and light wood tables and chairs, right on the golden sands of a cove backed by high cliffs. It's like a little slice of Ibiza in the UK.

We promised you a luxury beach BBQ with beer and that's exactly what you'll get for your Newquay stag do. Scoff juicy lamb burgers with mint, chow down on succulent steaks and get stuck into sticky glazed BBQ ribs, all washed down with jugs of cold beer. You get fresh salads and sides like chunky slaw as well. And fresh crusty baguettes, which are way better than the usual rolls you get down your local supermarket. This is your Newquay stag do! A massive effort will be made by us and the venue. All you have to do is turn up. Sit back and enjoy the atmosphere, the views, the food and the beer.This is a no-brainer that's pretty much guaranteed to go down well with the lads. First-class BBQ food, beer, a stylish venue on the beach, and views right across the ocean. It doesn't get much better than that.

Your Newquay stag do activity in brief:

  • Luxury BBQ on the beach
  • Beer jugs
  • Quality burgers, steaks and glazed ribs
  • Salads, slaw and roasties with mustard
  • Baguettes
  • Vegetarian option available
Lap Dancing Club Entry

Lap Dancing Club Entry

A Newquay stag weekend without lap dancing would be just plain weird. You're in one of Britain's most notorious stag do destinations; it would be rude not to send the groom off in the traditional fashion! Fortunately, we've hooked up with a classy establishment and will sort lap dancing club entry for you in advance.

Newquay's premier lap dancing club is an exclusive affair. None of your side street seediness. We only send stag parties to gentlemen's clubs we'd go to, and Newquay's finest is most definitely one of them. The ladies in question are sensationally beautiful, very bendy and up for a laugh. Make sure you get a private dance sorted for the groom, or you'll be failing in your duties as friends and partners in crime.

A hit with locals and stag parties alike, this place has got the lot: hot dancers, decent DJs and realistic bar prices. So stop worrying about quality - just leave everything to us, rock up ready to party and get yourself a primo seat for the good stuff. This is the best of Newquay, served up sizzling hot for your personal entertainment. Just remember: hands to yourselves, gents, unless you're told you can slip a tip to the lovely lady.

Includes: guest list lap dancing club entry.

Bed and Breakfast Accommodation

Bed and Breakfast Accommodation

Choose B&B accommodation for your Newquay stag weekend and stay in rooms with towels and clean bed linen. We've selected B&Bs and guest houses in and around Newquay town centre. You'll be close to all of the really important stuff, like Fistral, Lusty Glaze, and Newquay's most notorious pubs and bars. Why mess about trying to find a B&B that accepts stags when we've already done it for you? Just tell us the dates of your Newquay stag weekend and we'll book rooms for the lads.

B&B accommodation is one step up from a hostel. There are a few more creature comforts, and you get breakfast in the morning, which is a big plus if you're hungover!

Hit the beach. Do the bars and clubs. Crash. Eat. Repeat.

In brief:

  • Newquay B&B accommodation
  • Convenient for trains, beaches and nightlife
  • Towels and bed linen supplied
  • Tea and coffee making facilities
  • No curfew

*There may be differences between B&Bs and guest houses. Your stag party planner will provide full details on booking.


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From Only £161.00 Per Person

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