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When it comes to adrenaline-charged activities for Marbella stag dos, potholing leads the pack. Also called caving, this falls into the adventure sport category. Get a great introduction to an addictive sport that will leave you buzzing! Go exploring and discover the pathways and chambers of caves very near Puerto Banus, which is just south west of Marbella. Go beyond the Golden Mile and you'll find an amazing natural world most tourists never see.

So, what will you actually do when you go potholing in Marbella? Well, you could be walking one minute, scrambling over rocks another, and climbing the next. Potholing is a real mental and physical challenge-your mettle will be tested. It's a journey into the unknown that involves dark spaces. You will definitely get wet as there's water in caves. Pack old trainers, they're going to get trashed!

Everything you need is supplied and you'll be briefed by qualified professionals before you go potholing. Marbella stag dos tend to take place in summer and it gets pretty damn hot on the Costa del Sol. Escape to an underground world where it's cool, beat the heat, smash a challenge and get your adrenaline fix.

In brief:

  • Potholing with qualified instructors
  • Explore caves located near Marbella and Puerto Banus
  • Wetsuits and potholing gear supplied
  • Half day activity
  • Transfers required
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