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Package Includes

  • DTV Shredder
  • Bowling
  • 1 Night 4 Star Accommodation

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From Only £182.00 Per Person

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Activities Included in This Package

DTV Shredder

DTV Shredder

You've done karting. You've hammered quads. Now it's time for a new breed of driving activity - DTV Shredder! If you're looking for fresh Manchester stag party ideas, this is where you start. Jump on mad machines with caterpillar tracks and Segway-style intuitive controls. Lean like you do on a skateboard or snowboard, and use the throttle to turn and take corners. Marshals will explain everything and give you live instruction via your helmets. Clever stuff.

Once you're all up to speed and feeling confident, get out on the track and shred the living crap out of it. You need skill, a bit of flair, focus and guts to go the distance. It's a mental and physical challenge that's really intense and leaves you buzzing. Keeping your balance is half the battle, and it gets really challenging when you hit a few bumps and slip around on marshy ground. It rains loads in Manchester, which is just as well as the muddier it is, the more fun you'll have.

One of the more intense Manchester stag party driving activities, DTV Shredder is a winner with petrol heads and gadget geeks. Get on and give it some throttle!

In brief:

  • Take DTV Shredders round an off-road trail
  • Snowboard and Segway hybrid with caterpillar treads
  • Shredders can handle sand, marsh, snow, grass and mud
  • Instructors show you what to do
  • All equipment is provided


It's bowling...but not as you know it! Have a bowling stag do in Manchester and you'll get one game, a welcome cocktail, and a two-course meal. You can do a starter and a main course, or a main and a dessert from a set menu. We've found a quality bowling alley slap bang in the middle of Manchester. It's got a classic American look and feel. We're talking cold crisp beer, comfort food like burgers and nachos, and great bowling. It will change the way you think about bowling. Split the stag party into teams and place bets on who will score the first strike.

Eating ain't cheating on a stag do in Manchester. They don't call it the city of 24-hour party people for nothing. Polish off a two-course meal and you'll be set up for an epic lads' night out on Deansgate Locks or The Printworks. Choose your dishes from a menu that's stuffed with man food. Fill up on meat and carbs, and then bring on the beer. It's a classic formula. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

Lace up your bowling shoes and show everyone how it's done. Resist the temptation to pick the heaviest possible ball, steer clear of the foul line, walk forward, swing and then roll in one smooth move. Bowling smashed.

In brief:

  • Bowling and food at Manchester's best bowling alley
  • A game of bowling
  • Welcome cocktail
  • 2-course meal
1 Night 4 Star Accommodation

1 Night 4 Star Accommodation

Need quality beds and a killer breakfast? Sorted! We've scored you an awesome deal at this four star hotel, which is perfectly located for a single night stag do in Manchester.

You'll get everything you need here. Top rooms are kitted out with awesome beds, ensuite facilities and all the conveniences you'd expect from a four star accommodation option. Plus we've thrown in an epic breakfast, to get the lads back on form after a heavy night in the Printworks or the Northern Quarter.

Grab a hearty plate of man food, stock up on coffee and OJ, and get the chaps ready to face the day!

We check all of our hotels, to make sure they're stag do friendly and top of the line in every department. You won't find a duff room or badly-situated venue wherever you go. Many have inspired touches like 24 hour room service or snack bars, too, so you can quell those midnight munchies when you get back from the club.

Manchester is a thriving party town with a big hen and stag do scene. Expect to be sharing the hotel with like-minded lads and lasses, and get ready for a mint time! After all, this is the city that brought you 24 Hour Party People, Madchester and the whole 90s rave scene. Sleep is for the weak. But when you do finally make it to bed, it's nice to know you've got a good one.


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From Only £182.00 Per Person

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