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  • Archery
  • Sumo Wrestling
  • Knife Throwing
  • VIP Stag Night
  • Night Club Entry
  • Accommodation

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From Only £162.00 Per Person

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This activity is currently unavailable

Have a go at archery at a countryside site on the Wirral, a mere 20 minutes from Liverpool city centre. This one's all about skill and keeping an icy cool attitude under pressure. Can you master the basic shot, ignore your mates' attempts to put you off and win the round robin tournament?

Archery is great for a stag do as you can learn the basics and get some proper target shooting in during your very first lesson. Professional, qualified instructors will be on hand to give one-to-one tuition so you've got the best chance of hitting the bullseye!

You couldn't ask for a better setting for archery. Set within acres of stunning Cheshire countryside, the site we've got in mind for your stag do is a real beauty and brilliant for country sports.

Master a new skill, enjoy some classic competitive action and find out which man has the sharpest eye, the steadiest hand and the coolest head when the heat's on!

Archery will definitely get the adrenaline going! Head back to Liverpool full of beans and raring to hit Concert Square. Stag do smashed.

Archery in Liverpool includes:

  • Professional tuition and equipment hire
  • 1-hour session
Sumo Wrestling

Sumo Wrestling

This activity is currently unavailable

The lads are highly unlikely to have been on a sumo wrestling stag do in Liverpool. If something different is the order of the day, a spot of competitive wrestling in hilarious fat suits is just the job. Wedgies will be given and priceless photos taken.

Not to be taken seriously in any way, sumo wrestling is brilliant for getting the banter going. The comedy version of the Japanese sport sees stags go belly-to-belly in a bid to be declared ultimate champion. An instructor will show you the proper moves. Points will be given for technique and the most imaginative wrestling names.

The idea is to push your opponent out of the ring without using any illegal moves. No mean feat when you're wearing a massive inflatable sumo suit! Stag sumo wrestling is comedy gold, so make sure you've got plenty of battery left in the ol' smartphone. You'll be posting videos of the stag getting his inflatable-suited ass handed to him all afternoon!

Liverpool is one of the only places stag parties can try sumo wrestling. Grab the chance with both hands, shout 'hakkyoi' and battle it out for honour and glory. After a couple of rounds in the ring with your mates, you'll be well up for a deserved bevvie down the pub.

Knife Throwing

Knife Throwing

This activity is currently unavailable

Now here's something you don't get to try every day: throwing knives. Stag party activities don't get any manlier than this, folks! Only available in a couple of locations including Liverpool, it requires serious skill and a keen eye. This is old school target shooting that'll send the testosterone levels right off the charts. Have a go at mastering the skill of a true warrior! If you like the sound of a Game of Thrones-style stag, check it out.

Trained professionals will be on hand to make sure the throwing knives don't end up stuck in the stag's head!

Make your way over to a multi-activity site on the Wirral, a short car journey from Liverpool city centre. On arrival, the whole stag party gets a briefing and then the instructors bring out the different throwing knives. Get a feel for their size and weight before the round-robin event.

Have a go at handle-heavy, blade-heavy and balanced throwing knives. During a first lesson you'll learn how to stand, hold the knife, find your throwing line, step to it with your lead foot and then release and follow through. It needs hit the target so hard it shakes!

Obviously turned up for throwing knives smashed is a no-no so probably best to do this before the big stag night booze-athon rather than the morning after!

VIP Stag Night

VIP Stag Night

Give the groom an epic stag night at one of the trendier party bars in Liverpool. We'll sort you out with a private booth and a bunch of drinks to get the celebrations up and running. The friendly folks at the bar will even tailor the drinks package to fit the size of your stag party. Can't say fairer than that!

Work your way through the shot menu or ask one of the mad scientists behind the bar to mix up a party potion. Try your chat up lines on Liverpool's hottest lasses. Get your groove on. You could easily spend the whole stag night here. The party bar is near the Cavern so you'll have no worries getting there from the hotel.

This is the kind of party bar that will actually impress the boys. No sticky carpets, rubbish beer or dodgy DJs. It's trendy but not pretentious. Think subtle sexy lighting, party booths and an up-for-it crowd that includes everything from hen parties to suits and clubbers. There's no telling whom you might meet and what will happen! What you will get is a warm welcome, decent booze and a great atmosphere.

No walking round Liverpool city centre in circles trying to find the best bars and then queuing for ages to get in. Pre-book a party bar booth with us and have a hassle-free stag night.


  • Private booth
  • Welcome drink
  • Bottle and mixers
  • Shooter cake
Night Club Entry

Night Club Entry

Get nightclub entry sorted before hitting Liverpool and avoid an epic fail. Being turned away by the bouncers can turn a successful stag night sour. Allow us to arrange entry in advance and cover all bases. You'll march straight past the hoi poloi and into club central. Banging.

We only send our stag parties to clubs we'd go to. No sticky carpets, dodgy DJs or tinny sound systems. Your group will get the full-on Liverpool clubbing experience at a quality club with multiple dancefloors, bars and decent décor. The Liverpudlians known how to party, so we've followed them to one of their favourite haunts and we can tell you, there's nothing here except awesome.

Located slap bang in the heart of Liverpool, the club we have in mind for your stag night has a late bar, cracking sound system and pulls in a friendly, up-for-it crowd every weekend. We're talking spectacularly hot Liver birds, shaking and grinding to the latest floor fillers. Get on it.

There's no sense in leaving the biggest night of your life to chance. Get the centrepiece of your stag weekend sorted out before you even hit Liverpool, and you can hit the town feeling totally relaxed and ready to rock.



Liverpool's lively mix of culture and hedonism is the perfect backdrop for a stag weekend - but what about the perfect place to sleep? Let us arrange your accommodation along with your activities and party passes, and all you'll have left to worry about is staying sober enough to appreciate the strippers.

There are some brilliant accommodation choices to be had in Liverpool, from funky modern mini-hotels to great sprawling behemoths of opulent indulgence. The city's well stocked with hostels, smart midrange hotels and alternative budget options too. Whatever you want, and wherever you want to be in the city, we'll use our contacts to get you stag party discounts.

Looking for a hip place to sleep near Seel Street? After an upmarket crash pad round the corner from Tithebarn Street? Or just want a reliable, no nonsense room somewhere you can roll in hammered at 6am? Give us your budget, your preferred location and the kind of accommodation you're looking for. We'll do the rest.

Don't worry if you don't know where in Liverpool you want to be, either. Our expert stag weekend advisers know where all the party areas are, and where you need to stay if you want in on the action. Put accommodation in your package and relax.


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From Only £162.00 Per Person

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