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  • Stunt Driving
  • Comedy Club
  • Accommodation

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From Only £186.00 Per Person

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Activities Included in This Package

Stunt Driving

Stunt Driving

Want to blow off some steam after a night on the lash? A short drive from Leeds city centre, you'll find a custom built stunt track where your stag party can smash those morning after blues to bits with a series of insane tricks. Have you got what it takes to crown yourself the Stig of the stag circuit?

We've put together an epic stunt driving package for you, featuring some of the most famous tricks in the book. Forget pussyfooting around in a go kart, this is what real men do with the afternoon of their Leeds stag party! Heftily qualified stunt instructors will put the boys through their gear changes as they learn how to burn rubber, screech round corners and turn an incredible power slide into a piece of parallel parking. You'll never lose out on a space at the supermarket again!

Some of your instructors are girls, and they're as hot as their moves. Be warned: jokes about women drivers will see you humiliated six ways from Sunday out on the track.

Your stunt driving lessons include a safety briefing and a stunt demonstration, followed by expert tuition on pulling off handbrake turns, handbrake parallel parking and hefty donuts. At the end of the afternoon, you get to put your mad skills into practice in the Donut Roulette game. Pull away from the starting line in the six wheeled custom buggy and skid your way to victory on a challenging obstacle course. Awesome.

Comedy Club

Comedy Club

Spend your stag night in Leeds at a champion venue that combines comedy club, beach-themed bar and nightclub under one roof. The talented bod who designed this 1,500-capacity party venue deserves a medal. See the circuit's top talent live and unleashed on stage, and then join the after party.

If you want more than just comedy club entry, you've come to the right place. Located slap bang in the middle of Leeds city centre, this recently refurbished venue goes from comedy club to super club in one night. The stand up show lasts two hours and finishes around 10:30pm, and then the DJs hit the decks. Down Zombies at the tiki bar and check out four differently themed rooms.

Start your Leeds stag night with comedy club entry and make life easy. Break the ice, get the banter going and take care of the stag night entertainment in one fell swoop. You'll get top seats, and if you're lucky the stag will be singled out for some highly embarrassing audience participation: just the thing to kick off the merriment for the weekend. Best men will get medals for arranging such a tip evening, and will probably get a ton of great wedding speech material into the bargain. Perfect.


  • Leeds comedy club entry
  • 2 hours of live stand-up comedy
  • After party at the venue's club


Leeds has the spread of accommodation you'd expect from a big city - and we've got access to the best stag party rates for every hotel and B&B. Get the boys set up with the perfect bed at the same time as you sort out all your activities. We'll arrange the fine print, so all you have to do is confirm numbers, get the deposits together and sign on the dotted line.

Want a midrange hotel within easy walking distance of Briggate or the Exchange Quarter? Fancy laying your head down in a boutique B&B just round the corner from Assembly Street? If sleeping near to the party is top of your agenda, we can offer you a range of budget, mid and high end places to get a bit of shuteye in between drinking sessions.

Leeds has plenty of five star accommodation as well as the usual budget and standard stuff. If you'd like to give the groom a stag weekend to remember, talk to us about getting you group discounts in the city's most exclusive hotels. We'll find the perfect place for you and the lads to live the high life for the weekend - all night drinking, Jacuzzis, penthouse suites. You name it, we'll sort it for you.

Prices are based on 1 nights' accommodation however 2 nights' accommodation is also available.


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From Only £186.00 Per Person

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