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Ibiza goes as crazy during daylight hours as she does at night. And there ain't nothing crazier than being shot into the sky on the end of a bungee cradle!

The bungee rocket starts where a standard bungee jump leaves off. Forget diving off a crane and bouncing around on a rubber cord. If you really want to put some heart-stopping stuff in your stag do, you need to aim for the stars instead of the floor!

The bungee rocket is one of the most popular daytime activities in Ibiza. We'll get you past the crowds of party people and into a primo spot with prepaid tickets. Strap in, say your prayers and scream like a bunch of girls as the rocket shoots you out into space at staggering speeds.

When you reach the limit of the bungee, you'll be snapped back to earth, laughing your ass off and buzzing like a treeful of bees. Or possible crying for your mummy. Either way, everyone else on the stag do is going to love watching you hurled towards the horizon like a human cannonball. Until they remember they have to do it too...!

Trust the White Isle to go one better than anywhere else when it comes to crazy afternoon fun. Book quick to get guaranteed spaces.