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A Surf Safari will introduce you to three top water sports in one go: body boarding, surfing and paddle boarding. Sign up and give the lad of the hour an action-packed, wet n wild stag weekend in Gran Canaria. It doesn't matter if you've never picked up a board or worn a wetsuit. This is a beginner-friendly introduction to the coolest board sports on the circuit. Professional instructors will teach you the basic techniques for each sport. Then it's time to get in the water and catch some waves!

Body boarding is all about the fun. Perfect for groms (that's surfing for beginners), it's a great way to learn to catch a wave and ride it to the beach. The boards are short and you stay horizontal, so no need to worry about getting to your knees or feet. Just hang tight and enjoy the ride.

Surfing is a mad rush. Nothing looks cooler than the 'Sport of Kings'. Before you can carve it up you need to learn to lie on a board and paddle for a wave. Dig deep, feel the wave take you up and jump on your board. If you can stand up during your first lesson you'll be well chuffed!

Standup paddle boarding is perfect if you want to do something different on a stag weekend in Gran Canaria. Relatively quick and easy to learn, it's basically the love child of surfing and kayaking. Stand on a long board, get your balance and go for a paddle. Obviously the stag has to take at least one dunking!

In brief:

  • Surf safari off a top surfing beach in Gran Canaria
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Body boarding
  • Surfing
  • Standup paddle boarding
  • Instruction included
  • All equipment is provided
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fancy border Surf Safari

Surf Safari

This Package Includes

  • Surf Safari
  • Club Entry
  • Return Transfers
  • Accommodation

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