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Stunning young ladies shaking their stuff have been stag party traditions since the beginning of time. Don't fly in the face of a gentleman's institution!

Glasgow is well equipped with lap dancing clubs. The problem is finding a good one. We'll help you avoid the classic stag trap, with guaranteed entry to one of the best in the city. There are no dodgy door staff, no munters and no overpriced drinks. Just boobs, babes and fun times!

Get a private dance for the stag and he'll thank you repeatedly for the rest of the weekend. Just make sure he sobers up in time to go home, or you'll have to explain to the future Mrs why he keeps trying to put fivers in her pants.

As a valued stag party customer, you lot get the best seats on offer, with an epic view of the shows on stage. Spectacular strips, lady on lady, and routines requiring more than a little groom participation are all likely to, er, go down before the sun comes up! Hands off is the rule, but that doesn't mean the girls can't treat your main feller like he's a boy toy.

Best men, it's up to you. Humiliate the stag in classic fashion, or just let him sit there and watch naked chicks wiggling their booty. Either way, everyone else is guaranteed to have the time of their lives!