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Here's how you get into the best nightclub in Gdansk: ask us to sort it for you. Clubbing on a Gdansk stag weekend is easy when you've already paid the entrance fee. If you don't want the hassle that goes with attempting to get a group of guys past the door in a foreign country, pre-book your nightclub entry. As the cost is incorporated in your Gdansk stag party package you don't have to pay on the door. Save time, money, and dodge the dreaded 'not tonight, lads' bullet. No one wants to be the best man who messed up the clubbing bit of the stag. Leave it to us and forget about it. We'll even get a guide to meet you.

If you're planning a Gdansk stag weekend you've probably heard a thing or two about the excellent beer and gorgeous Polish girls. The nightlife is pretty damn fine as well! There are plenty of bars to keep you going until the early hours but what do you do when it's time to hit a club? If you don't do random, you won't want to take a chance. We've already hand picked a selection of the hottest clubs in Tri-City and can get you in. There are always new and exciting clubs popping up. This place has everything from a club in a massive old air raid shelter to city centre cellar party venues and clubs with different levels and rooms that play the latest club tracks and classics.

If you want to get in, we'll make it happen. Simple as.

In a nutshell:

  • Get into the best club in Gdansk
  • Centrally located
  • Nothing to pay on the door
  • Guide for one hour
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