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The lads will need to eat to make it though an Essex stag night. Steak and a drink at a popular party pub is the way forward. Give us the date of your stag and we'll book a table and get your food order to the kitchen. All you need to do is get the lads to the pub on time, which should be easy!

If there's one thing you can be sure of it's this: every man loves a freshly grilled and juicy steak. Add a drink to the mix and you've got the perfect man meal. It's just what you need for an Essex stag night. Fuel up before you hit the pubs and you'll be able to power through pints and shots and make it all the way to the club. Which is what it's all about.

Steak and a drink is the best choice for a lads' night out. It's substantial enough to keep you going but still leaves enough room for beer. It's a classic that always goes down well. Everyone's eating the same meal, which means things don't get complicated with the bill. When you're on an Essex stag night, you need eating to be simple. Steak and a drink is nice and easy, and we'll get you a great meal deal. Good food, great value for money, everyone's happy.

In brief:

  • Steak and a drink at a popular Essex pub
  • Reserved table for your group
  • Fixed cost, everyone pays the same
  • No need to research restaurants, everything is booked in advance
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fancy border Laser Mayhem

Laser Mayhem

This Package Includes

  • Laser Mayhem
  • Steak and Drink
  • Nightclub Entry
  • 2 Nights Accommodation

From £163.00

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