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Because it takes a real man to demolish a five-patty burger in a brioche bun with chicken, bacon, cheese, hash browns, 12 onion rings and half a kilogram of chips in under one hour. Lads, we proudly present the funniest eating event in the county of Essex: Stag v Food. Essex stag do challenges don't get any bigger or meatier than this. Take a deep breath, look that burger in the eye and finish him!

No man should face such a foe alone. Every lad on the Essex stag do gets involved in this mighty meaty battle, cheering you on to glory. You'll need a bit of moral support to clear this XXL plate. In addition to the big-ass burger and sides, you've got salad to contend with. Just when you think you've crushed it, there's the lettuce and tomato you took off and put to one side. Doh! And let's not forget about the extra hot sauce and jalapenos...

Every truly great Essex stag do includes an epic challenge! Stag v Food takes top eating skills, drive, focus and the ability to go that extra mile and finish the final chip. Smash this one and the whole pub will go wild. On your marks, get set... scoff!

In brief:

  • Stag v Food challenge
  • Held at a popular pub in an Essex party town
  • Stag does the eating, the rest of you cheer him on
  • Huge burger with bacon, cheese, chicken, 12 onion rings and 500g of chips
  • Clear the plate in 60 minutes
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  • Stag v Food
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  • 1 night accommodation

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