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Package Includes

  • Quad Biking
  • Sumo Wrestling
  • Air Rifle Shooting
  • Archery
  • 2 Course Meal
  • 2 Nights Accommodation

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From Only £244.00 Per Person

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Activities Included in This Package

Quad Biking

Quad Biking

Off road driving doesn't get any better than quad biking in the rugged Scottish countryside. Spend the daylight hours of your stag do trekking on 125cc Yamaha Grizzly quads that can hit 40mph. You'll see some of the most extraordinary terrain in the UK, up close and personal with a fat dollop of fresh air thrown in to clear your head. Hangover? What hangover?

Get up to speed on the agility course before hitting the trails. Experienced, qualified instructors will show you all how to handle the bikes before taking the entire stag party on a bone-rattling ride through a densely wooded, 50-acre estate.

Let us know what kind of quad biking experience you're up for and we'll sort a session to suit for your stag do. Choose from chilled, moderate or go extreme if you think you can handle it. Knowing most stags, it'll be the latter!

You get a full hour out and about in the hills, perfect value for money after a night on the piss. We guarantee your stag party will come back to HQ well up for a second night on the tiles in Edinburgh.

Quad Biking in Edinburgh Includes:

  • 1 hour guided cross country trek
  • Bike hire
  • Overalls and helmets
  • Safety briefing and instruction
Sumo Wrestling

Sumo Wrestling


Sumo wrestling is a stroke of genius for a stag do. We're talking fat suits, wedgies, topknots, fighting: the full works! If you're off to Edinburgh on a lads jolly, tear the boys away from West Port and battle it out for honour and glory in traditional Japanese style.

All truly great stag dos include a little healthy competition. Sumo wrestling is the ultimate trial of strength over in Japan. What's more, wrestlers are apparently irresistible to women and generally have hot wives and girlfriends. Bring on the pies!

We'll book you in for a sumo wrestling match at a venue a short distance from Edinburgh city centre. On arrival, the guys will get you suited up, explain the very simple rules and give the whole stag party a chance to wedgie the groom before you go belly-to-belly for the title.

You know the drill, gents. The first wrestler to get his opponent to step outside the ring or touch the ground with anything but his feet wins the bout.

Who will join the ranks of sumo's grand champions?

Sumo wrestling in Edinburgh includes:

  • Sumo suits
  • Protective headgear with a Sumo topknot!
  • Padded mats
  • Wrestling ring
  • Referee
Air Rifle Shooting

Air Rifle Shooting

Get the blood pumping with air rifle shooting in open countryside just outside Edinburgh city centre. Stag parties can try target shooting with real guns and ammunition. This is an excellent alternative to clay shooting and will send the adrenaline levels off the charts.

Certified instructors will determine your dominant shooting eye and show you how to tuck the stock into your right shoulder. Resist temptation to succumb to itchy trigger finger! Hold the air rifle across your body, look along the barrel, set your sights on the target, breathe in, breathe out, squeeze the trigger slowly and you've nailed it. The goal is to combine the lot in one seamless move.

Scores will be kept! Stay focused, keep your cool and earn the right to lord it over your fellow stags for all eternity.

If you fancy seeing something more than the bottom of a whisky bottle on a stag weekend in Edinburgh, air rifle shooting is a wise move. Get the boys away from the optics and inject a little competition into the party. Who's more Bourne than bozo?

Air Rifle Shooting in Edinburgh Includes:

  • Full safety briefing
  • Professional tuition
  • All equipment including ear defenders
  • Ammunition

Duration: 1 hour



The sport of Olympians and outlaws is an excellent choice for a stag do. Archery requires skill, strength and icy cool in the face of danger. Do the Robin Hood thing in the grounds of a rambling country estate on the outskirts of Edinburgh. You'll be pretending to be King Leonidas from 300 as soon as your first quarrel (that's the proper name for an arrow, donchaknow) has whanged into the target.

Anyone can try archery. Beginners learn the 12 steps to the basic archery shot. You'll be nocking the arrow; drawing and releasing like a pro in minutes. Once everyone's up to speed, it's every stag for himself as the instructors start keeping score.

Top tip: draw the string at a safe distance from your cheek, unless you fancy going out and about ibn Edinburgh's finest clubs looking like you've applied blusher to one side of your face!

It's not every day you get the chance to try archery at one of Edinburgh's finest stately homes. Impress your mates, get the blood pumping and unleash your inner hunter amidst thousands of acres of awesome Scottish countryside.

Archery in Edinburgh Includes:

  • Full safety briefing
  • Professional instruction
  • Compound bows and arrows
  • Targets

Duration: 1 hour

2 Course Meal

2 Course Meal

Every stag needs to eat! We've found a great bar and restaurant right in the middle of Edinburgh, which ticks every stag party box known to man.

Get the boys fed well with classic munch, and throw a couple of cold ones into the mix for good measure. This restaurant is a popular haunt for Edinburgh's party crowd, which gives it a buzzing atmosphere and staff who know how to handle a bunch of lads on the lash. Service is quick and friendly, and the dishes are perfect for chaps who want to restore their tissues after a long flight, drive or train journey.

It's not easy to find a restaurant capable of seating a whole stag party on the night - and the longer you wander, the more restless and irritable the boys are likely to get. Save yourself from the indecision that can kill a great night out, and guarantee a good solid feed before you take the lads out on the town.

Booking in advance also avoids the inevitable post-nosh argument about who ate which dish, and who should be paying more than everyone else. We sort your order and add the cost of the meal to your stag party package, so it's already paid for when you hit the streets of Edinburgh. Sweet.

2 Nights Accommodation

2 Nights Accommodation

Arranging two nights' accommodation in Edinburgh for a stag do is duller than discussing table plans and wedding favours. Dump the job on us and concentrate on the cool stuff, like badass activities and stag stitch-ups! Whether you need budget beds or fancy a swanky stay in a hotel fit for a Scottish laird, we'll get it sorted. Fast.

Want to stay in a hotel close to the lively Grassmarket area? Edinburgh stag weekends are always pretty heavy, so that's a smart choice. Need a good all-rounder that's convenient and affordable for everyone? Ask us about hotels in Edinburgh's Old Town, as these are close to the Royal Mile and Waverly Station.

Two nights' accommodation in self-catering apartments near Princes Street ticks the budget and convenience boxes. Split the cost of a private pad, have the freedom to come and go as you please and don't waste money on eating out all the time. Job's a good 'un!

Planning a stag weekend in Edinburgh on a shoestring and need two nights' accommodation that's cheap as chips but clean too? There are some no-frills hostels close to Edinburgh Castle that'll do the job nicely.

Tell us when you're going to Edinburgh, how many people are coming on the stag weekend and how much you want to spend on accommodation. We'll get you two nights in a hotel, hostel, B&B or apartment.


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From Only £244.00 Per Person

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