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Package Includes

  • Life Drawing Class
  • Stag v Food
  • 2 Nights Accommodation

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From Only £193.00 Per Person

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Activities Included in This Package

Life Drawing Class

Life Drawing Class

Naked life drawing: what's not to like? Pretty much guaranteed to be a winner with everyone on the stag do, this 90-minute class takes place at a bar, club or hotel function room in Edinburgh city centre. If this doesn't get the lads off Grassmarket and away from West Port for a bit, we don't know what will!

The challenge is to create a series of quick sketches of a naked life model in a few different poses. Easy, right? Life drawing is trickier than you might think. You'll need to work fast to get her down on paper before she moves.

Can you concentrate when there's a hot life model feet away from your easel? Pay attention, Bond!

An art teacher will be on hand to give you tips on technical stuff like line, tone, perspective and shading.

The model decides which drawing is the best.

Think the bride might put the smackdown on a life drawing stag do? You can always say it's in the name of art and culture! Why do the RSA or the National Portrait Gallery when you can do the hands on thing and create your own masterpiece? We rest our case!

Life drawing in Edinburgh includes:

  • Female model
  • Art teacher
  • Materials
  • Bottle of bubbly
  • Certificates
  • City centre venue
Stag v Food

Stag v Food

Does your stag reckon he's the dog's doohickies when it comes to eating? Make him put his money where his mouth is - literally - with this killer challenge!

We've found an amazing American style restaurant right in the middle of Edinburgh, which is famous for more than just cooking up a storm on the griddle. The head chef's come up with a bunch of Man v Food style eating challenges, perfect for knocking boastful boys down to size!

Get the stag party off to an epic start with the legendary Stag v Dog or Burgergeddon challenge, or ask the chef to cook a special meal just for your man! They'll put together unbeatable food behemoths for any dietary requirement, and the rules are simple: if your boy doesn't finish everything on the plate, he hasn't beaten the dish!

This one's great for a laugh, and you get the added benefit of feeding all the other lads in the stag party too. Get involved with some of the best bar and grill style food you'll find anywhere in Edinburgh, while the main man munches his way towards the cheese wall!

The Man v Food stag challenge was made for video uploads. Facebook the sh*t out of this for stag party gold.

2 Nights Accommodation

2 Nights Accommodation

Arranging two nights' accommodation in Edinburgh for a stag do is duller than discussing table plans and wedding favours. Dump the job on us and concentrate on the cool stuff, like badass activities and stag stitch-ups! Whether you need budget beds or fancy a swanky stay in a hotel fit for a Scottish laird, we'll get it sorted. Fast.

Want to stay in a hotel close to the lively Grassmarket area? Edinburgh stag weekends are always pretty heavy, so that's a smart choice. Need a good all-rounder that's convenient and affordable for everyone? Ask us about hotels in Edinburgh's Old Town, as these are close to the Royal Mile and Waverly Station.

Two nights' accommodation in self-catering apartments near Princes Street ticks the budget and convenience boxes. Split the cost of a private pad, have the freedom to come and go as you please and don't waste money on eating out all the time. Job's a good 'un!

Planning a stag weekend in Edinburgh on a shoestring and need two nights' accommodation that's cheap as chips but clean too? There are some no-frills hostels close to Edinburgh Castle that'll do the job nicely.

Tell us when you're going to Edinburgh, how many people are coming on the stag weekend and how much you want to spend on accommodation. We'll get you two nights in a hotel, hostel, B&B or apartment.


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From Only £193.00 Per Person

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