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Roads and wheels are overrated. If you're up for a hilarious driving experience on a stag weekend, take a bunch of hovercrafts for a spin round a countryside course just 30 minutes from Edinburgh city centre. It's like dodgems gone absolutely mental.

Hovercrafts are basically huge air cushions with no brakes. Even the best driver in the group will have a devil of a time controlling one of these massive windbags. When you've mastered the controls, it's straight into the time trials. Hit the cones and you'll rack up penalty points. Funny, frustrating and intensely competitive, hovercrafts will have you cursing, shaking your fists and laughing like loons.

Adrenaline junkies will love the rush and petrol heads will welcome the chance to try a unique driving experience. It's a no-brainer for a stag weekend in Edinburgh. Hovercrafts will get the blood pumping and the boys out of the pubs for a few hours.

Perfect for stag parties with a few different personalities to cater for, the sheer fun of the event will have even the most dedicated sport-sulker getting in on the action.

Stag Party Sessions Include:

  • Hire of hovercrafts
  • Instruction
  • Practice time
  • 6 timed laps per person
  • Helmets and waterproof clothing