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No-one should pass up the opportunity to waste zombies with air pellets! Blast the undead heck out of some seriously creepy targets in this massive stag party shooting activity.

Taking place at an outdoor centre close to Derby, your zombie shooting day includes some of the coolest weapons we've ever seen! You'll be blowing tin targets into the middle of next week with an actual Mossberg pump-action shotgun (this is the real deal, fellers!), and unloading air pellets from a trio of pistols, revolvers and rifles.

Surrounded by trees and focused on your mission, you'll find this stag party adventure quickly dials up the panic factor! First, you've got to nail the zombies in the head, disconnecting the brain for a clean killshot. Use red dot sighting on your semiautomatic air pistol to take out the lead monsters. Next up, you'll be using a tactical air rifle to take down the biggest possible number of zombie targets in the shortest possible time. Thin out the onslaught, and you stand a chance of surviving!

Finally, unleash that shotgun on the remaining targets. But remember, zombies don't stay dead unless they have no grave in which to rest. So for each one killed, you'll have to destroy its gravestone with a pistol. Boom.

In a nutshell:

  • Zombie target shooting near Derby
  • Three different missions to complete
  • 14 shot .22 Tactical HW100 air rifle
  • 10 shot .22 Smith and Wesson revolver
  • 8 shot Tactical PT85 .177 semiautomatic air pistol wth red dot sights
  • 3 shot Mossberg pump-action shotgun
  • Metal targets
  • Instruction and safety briefing
  • Medals
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fancy border Zombie Shooting

Zombie Shooting

This Package Includes

  • Zombie Shooting
  • 1 Nighter with Lap Dancing
  • 2 Nights Accommodation

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