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Why settle for a single stag party shooting challenge, when you could conquer three? That's the question we asked ourselves when we started designing this epic afternoon. From moving targets to speed shooting, all the trickiest bits of gun-toting awesomeness are here!

We've sourced a massive shooting challenge, hosted by expert instructors who really know their stuff. Your stag party will be unleashed on three different ranges with three different types of weapon: laser guided air rifles, electronic shooting systems, and 10-shot Smith and Wesson air pistols. Can you master each gun, and turn in a perfect score?

Efficiently run by the staff at this outdoor sports centre - just a short drive from Derby - this action-packed afternoon is guaranteed to keep everyone happy. You'll start with a go on the Promatic electronic shooting system - a speed shooting challenge designed to sharpen your reflexes and test your accuracy to the limits. The quicker you hit the digital targets. the more points you get.

Then it's on to moving targets, which you've got to hit with laser sighted air rifles. It's even harder than it sounds! The laser sight shows you where your pellet will strike, but with the targets moving all the time, you'll have to predict where they're going to be next.

Finally, your stag party is kitted out with pistols and given a sharpshooting lesson. Can you play a tune on tubular bells, by hitting them in the right order? Ding dong!

In a nutshell:

  • Stag party shooting challenges near Derby
  • All PPE and safety instruction
  • Instruction in shooting techniques
  • 3 challenges
  • Medals for the sharpest shots
  • Minimum 4 people
  • Maximum 24 people
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Sharp Shooter

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  • Sharp Shooter
  • 3 Course Meal
  • Bar and Club Entry
  • 1 Night 4 Star Accommodation

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