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Ever fancied breaking out of a maximum-security prison? Well, in this awesome stag do activity you're going to break in again too! That's right, boys. With a stranded prisoner to rescue and the guards on the lookout, you lot will have just a couple of hours to outwit the bulls, get to your target and get him out. Do you reckon you've got what it takes?

This epic stag do adventure takes place at an outdoor centre close to Derby. You'll be working in varied field terrain, so expect to get muddy and wet.

The setup's simple. Get the lads in past the guards, free the prisoner from his net, and lead him to freedom. Easy, right? Not when the only information you have to go on is a map to a bridge, left by a spy who may or may not be on your side...

Along the way, you'll encounter unexploded ordnance and at least one team of guards. Can you work together to get past the watchful eyes of The Man, find the bridge and escape? Or will the quicksand take you out, with your destination so close you can almost touch it? Many have tried. Many have failed. Your success is up to you.

In a nutshell:

  • Minimum 6 people
  • Maximum 32 people
  • Prison break stag do activity near Derby
  • 2-2.5 hours
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fancy border Prison Break

Prison Break

This Package Includes

  • Prison Break
  • Bar and Club Entry
  • 1 Night Accommodation

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