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  • Dodgeball
  • Beer Goggle Football
  • Bierkeller
  • Accommodation

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From Only £165.00 Per Person

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Step aside, rugby! A new ball sport has rolled over to Cardiff. Dirtier than a scrum, dodgeball has 'stag party' written all over it. You've seen the film, Dodgeball, right? Decide which team will be Average Joes and which will be Globos. Re-enact the funniest moments from the film and stitch up the main man with a good old game of 'Punish the Stag'. Instructors will be on hand to turn a blind eye, and make sure you all have a proper belter. Have you got the stones for 90 minutes of pure dodgeball action?

On arrival, you'll be greeted by the instructor. If lady luck is on your side, ref will be female and hot. Don't mess her about though! This girl has bigger balls than the whole of the Welsh rugby team. Once you're up to speed on the rules of stag do dodgeball - there aren't many - it's straight into the action. It's pretty simple - hit the weakest first and then pick off the strongest when they're outnumbered.

Cardiff is a cracking location for a stag do. It's got everything a herd of stags could possibly want: pubs, bars, comedy clubs, and iconic sporting venues like the mighty Millennium Stadium and Cardiff Arms Park. Sport is a seriously big deal in this capital city. Kick off with dodgeball and spend Saturday afternoon the traditional way - in the pubs and bars of Cardiff Bay.

In brief:

  • Your very own dodgeball tournament
  • Instructor/referee
  • Play a number of different dodgeball games
  • Games can be personalised
  • Court rental
  • Allow 60-90 minutes for this activity
  • Bring trainers and balls of steel!
  • Stag party dodgeball requires at least 8 people
Beer Goggle Football

Beer Goggle Football

Beer Goggle Footbball is pretty much the funniest Cardiff stag activity since bubble football came to Wales. Reckon you could do cone drills and score goals if you had your drunk glasses on? It's time to find out. If you take nothing seriously, love football and don't mind looking a right tit in the name of comedy, this is the event for your stag. Everything is booked and provided by us: pitch, gear, equipment, instructor and goggles that will make you feel like you've chugged a pint of Cheeky Vimto in 10 seconds.

The event facilitator will give you all an opportunity to get used to the crazy sensation you get from wearing the goggles. It's pretty freaky! When you can sort of walk in a straight-ish line, the fun and games will keep going for 60 hilarious minutes.

This is perfect for the Saturday afternoon of a Cardiff stag. You're bound to feel well rough after a big night around Cardiff's infamous East End. Beer goggle football is the perfect hangover activity. You don't have to be good or even particularly fit to play.

Fortunately, this is a private event just for your group so no one else will see you miss a clear shot at goal or stack it in epic style. Unless some bright spark in the stag party decides to create video and upload it to social media. You know that's going to happen, right? Good. Let's get it on!

In a nutshell:

  • 1-hour event
  • Hire of sports court or playing field
  • Event facilitator
  • All games equipment is included
  • Bubbly
  • Squad photo


A block-rocking oompah band. Buxom waitresses in extremely tight costumes. Lads, if there's a better way to spend a stag party in Cardiff, we'd like to hear about it!

This is a completely different kind of drinking experience, combining classic German booze with traditional music and massive snacks. Plus you get a house DJ to crank up the party vibes when the band's finished. Trust us, you've never seen anything like this before.

Oompah music is normally played by a bunch of old dudes dressed in lederhosen and wielding a bunch of brass instruments. In the Cardiff Bierkeller, it still is - only as well as classic German drinking tunes, these lads also play a variety of massive classics from the last 50 years of music. Expect to hear the theme tunes to some of your favourite films, belted out in foot-stomping fashion by a band that loves to join in the drinking!

Raucous, hilarious, and best of all a whole evening spent in one venue, this is a classic option for the second night of your Cardiff stag party. Why make the lads wander all over the city, when they could get stuck into the finest beer in the world right where they are?

Basically, this is like going to Oktoberfest without actually having to go to Oktoberfest. Grab a stein, chat up a fraulein and get down to the sounds of the oompah. Amazing.

In a nutshell:

  • Entrance to the Cardiff Bierkeller
  • Best seats
  • Cloakroom
  • Pretzels
  • Haus stein
  • Waitress service


Take the hassle out of finding stag party accommodation in Cardiff: let us do the hard work for you! We can get you the best prices on every quality hotel, hostel and B&B in the city, from the cheapest and most cheerful to the outlandishly opulent. Whether you're just looking for a reliable bed to rest your hammered head, or a five star pleasure palace for a weekend of high living, we've sourced the best spaces in the best places in the Welsh capital.

There are some ace accommodation options in Cardiff - camp sites close to the Welsh countryside, perfect for the stag party with an outdoorsy attitude; funky backpackers'; serviced apartments in Cardiff bay; ocean front spa hotels; even quiet boutiques within a blow up doll's throw of the rowdy party streets of St Mary and Greyfriars. We'll find your perfect place no matter what you want: luxury near the nighttime action, spectacular sea views or a chance to get back to nature!

Why waste months trying to find a hotel, hostel or camp site everyone agrees on, round up deposits, chase people for payment, only to find out you've booked your stag party into a lemon? We've already done the legwork. All you have to do is tell us what you need.

Prices are based on 1 nights' accommodation however 2 nights' accommodation is also available.


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From Only £165.00 Per Person

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