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You can't have a Bucharest stag without a proper feast. As you're in Romania, be adventurous and give a traditional meal a shot. You'll get three courses and one beer with your grub. We've found a nice place in downtown Bucharest near a bunch of pubs and bars that does good food and local beer. A table will be reserved for your group and a guide will take you over so you don't have to mess about with directions.

Romanian cuisine is pretty much meat, meat and more meat. Also potatoes. Bit of veg. Pork and beef are big favourites. We can't say exactly what you'll eat as the set menus change but you can expect the classics. Stuff like slana, Romania's answer to bacon, and mici, basically mutton sausages grilled and eaten with mustard. They also love shawarma kebab. Desserts are good as well. They do great pastries, sweet dumplings, vanilla custard cake, and popular puds like tiramisu over here.

The cost of your meal is added to your package so you don't have to fanny about with a food bill on the night. No remembering who had a starter and who didn't. You all pay the same amount. It's the hassle-free way to eat out.

This is great for the second night of a Bucharest stag weekend, when you're a bit battered and need to refuel for a second bout of epic drinking. Fill up and power through!

In brief:

  • Traditional Romanian meal in Bucharest
  • Table reservation
  • 3 courses from a set menu
  • A beer with your meal
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