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Want to do something proper mad on your Bucharest stag weekend? Go tandem sky diving. It literally doesn't get any crazier than jumping out of a plane at 3000m. Experience? Not necessary. As this is a tandem jump, it's a bit more straightforward than a solo flight, which makes it the most popular option. In just 30 minutes you'll be briefed up and ready to take the definitive leap of faith.

The anticipation is all part of the fun. This is an activity that starts with you being picked up and transported to the site. The excitement will build with every passing mile. By the time you get there you'll be bouncing off the walls! The instructor who get you sorted with all the gear and train you. Then it's showtime. Soar high about the ground in a plane and prepare for the jump of your life. As the instructor is in charge you can simply enjoy the ride.

There's more to this than just jumping out of a plane and pulling a cord. You will get to enjoy the awesome experience of freefalling for 30 whole seconds, after which the instructor will open the parachute when the time's right. It's the biggest rush ever. Nothing matches it and you'll never forget it, which is what makes tandem sky diving ideal for a big life event like a Bucharest stag weekend.

In brief:

  • Go tandem sky diving in Romania
  • Jump from a plane at 3000m
  • Experience freefall
  • No experience necessary
  • 1 post-jump beer
  • Upgrade by having your jump caught on camera
  • Transport to and from the jump site
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