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A lap dancing club owned by a whisky specialist. This is stag party paradise! It's a good enough reason on its own to have a Brno stag do. If you do this on the first night it will be awesome. You get a tasting session that includes five whiskies and some snacks to soak up a bit of the booze. Get tips on how to appreciate whisky and see if you can tell one from another. Then sit back with a drink in your hand and enjoy a strip show from a hot Czech chick.

You get your money's worth. Big time. For starters, whisky tasting is cool. Very cool. And it's not every day you get to do it with an expert who has a lap dance club. The setting is awesome but you'll definitely get a kick out of the whiskies as well. Soak up some knowledge that'll impress people and make you look at whisky in a fresh light. It's a drink to be savoured, not bombed like a shot. This is a great intro to the world of whisky.

As for the strip show. This is the Czech Republic so you know it's gonna be good! Czech girls are stunning and have fantastic figures.

When it comes to badass Brno stag activities, whisky tasting in a strip club is top of the list. Give us dates and numbers. We'll get it sorted. You'll look good. Damn good!

In brief:

  • Whiskey tasting at a lap dance club
  • 5 whiskies to try
  • Cheese and meat snacks
  • Strip show
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