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Best prank for a stag weekend in Brno! A stag arrest by two strippers that finishes in a strip club is genius. Hot and hilarious, this stunt has to be done. One minute the stag is just walking along a Brno street minding his own business...the next he's been cuffed and marched off by two hot Czech chicks. Things get even better when the girls get everyone back to the strip club so the show can go on. We've even thrown in a round of beers because there's nothing like a beer in a strip club.

Stitch up the stag and give him a surprise that will literally have him speechless. His jaw will hit the floor, there's no way he'll see this coming. The lads will get a right laugh out of the look on his face, and you all get to see a strip show. The stag will have to forgive you for embarrassing him in public because let's face it; you're doing him a solid. Two strippers! Stag arrests are usually just a couple of fake police and a van. But they do things different in Brno. Czech chicks are stunning enough to stop traffic. And they're more liberal over here. You're in for a good time.

A big must for a stag weekend in Brno. Get it booked!

In brief:

  • Stag arrest on the street in Brno
  • 2 strippers dressed as police
  • Party continues at a lap dancing club
  • 1 beer per person
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fancy border Stag Arrest and Dominatrix Show

Stag Arrest and Dominatrix Show

This Package Includes

  • Stag Arrest
  • Dominatrix Show
  • Airport Transfers
  • Accommodation

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