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Want to do exciting stuff you can't try at home? You're on a Brno stag do so take advantage of the Czech Republic's shooting laws! Experience shooting with WW2 guns used by the Soviet Union Army. We're talking AK-47, Tokarev or Schpagin assault rifle. Pick one and see what you can do with 50 bullets. It's a tough call but take it from us; you'll have loads of fun with any of these bad boys.

Never done shooting before? Not a problem. You get a dedicated professional shooting instructor to show you how to have fun and stay safe. Get to know your weapon of choice, learn how to load it, grip it, raise, set up a shot in your sights, squeeze the trigger and release. Smashed it.

There's a competitive element because this is a stag and that's how we roll. Everyone gets the same amount of shots but who will make them count and get the top score?

We take care of everything for you, from booking the session to getting there. One of our English-speaking guides will take you over on public transport. The range isn't too far so doing this activity won't take up too much of your weekend. But it's so damn good you wouldn't mind if it did. Come on! This is shooting. With guns used in WW2. It needs to be in your Brno stag do.

In brief:

  • WW2 shooting package
  • 3 guns to choose from, including the AK-47
  • 50 shots per person
  • Expert instructor
  • Transfer (public transport)
  • Guide
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