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Want to impress the lads with your connections and awesome Brno stag party planning skills? We'll make it look like you organised an evening at a nightclub with reserved VIP tables, plus bottles and mixers to get you started. No need to look for the best places to party and nothing to pay on the door. Just turn up with your entourage and enjoy the VIP experience at one of Brno's top clubs.

The club is in Brno city centre so you can do big drinking areas like Veveri Street first and then walk over when it's time. As we sort club entry before you go to Czech, you won't have to go through the usual ball ache of getting a group of lads past a bunch of bouncers. Not what you need in a strange city! Get everyone in at once, claim your VIP table and crack open a bottle.

The club you'll be partying at is popular. Good music, bars, decent dancefloor and of course, gorgeous Czech chicks. As you've got a VIP table to yourselves for the night, make the most of it and see who wants to join you. Czech girls are some of the best looking women in the world, much hotter than in the West. Upgrade to VIP status and test your chat up lines on a tall, blonde, blue-eyed beauty.

Just tell us when you're having the Brno stag party and who's coming. We'll get it all sorted. You'll look like the legend who planned it.

In brief:

  • Nightclub entry for the group
  • Reserved VIP table(s)
  • Bottles and mixers, 1 for 3-5 people
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