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Have you and the lads got what it takes to defeat the walking dead? Do zombie shooting on your Bristol stag party and get all trained up for the apocalypse. Master the basics of axe throwing. Get to grips with assault rifles and crossbows. Get stuck into exploding archery. Sharpen your shooting skills and show the zombie menace you're in the ass-kicking business!

What else are you gonna do on your Bristol stag do? Zombie shooting is a clear winner. The instructors will kit you out with all the necessary equipment and teach you all you need to know to take out the zombie targets. The activity site is just off the M5, a short drive from Bristol city centre.

Axe Throwing

Sometimes the old ways are the best! Axe throwing is an essential skill and it will make you feel like a badass warrior. Learn how to hold and throw an axe, and see if you can get a spin on it. The instructors will teach you the techniques and give you tips on how to hit the zombie targets. The real trick is striking one down from a distance. That takes true skill. Up for the challenge?

Assault Rifles

Real shooting with proper assault rifles. Hell yeah! The instructors will show you how to use a rifle's sight to line up a shot on the range. There are 3D zombie targets to hit. Keep your hand steady, your nerves steely, and see if you can stay calm while pulling the trigger gently. Assault rifles will give your Bristol stag party that badass touch. This is zombie shooting at its most exciting and intense. Pump zombies full of lead and feel like Tallahassee off Zombieland.


You can't have zombie shooting without crossbows! These weapons pack a punch and are an essential bit of kit for any serious player in the zombie apocalypse. Learn how to draw a crossbow and shoot a bolt. The instructors will have you all up to speed on the basic crossbow shooting skills in no time. But can you take out the undead when the pressure's on?

Exploding Archery

Loads of fun, exploding archery is a must for any Bristol stag party. Do the Robin Hood thing and learn the basics of archery before you have a go at hitting the zombies. As you might have guessed, these zombies don't just drop to the floor like a sack of potatoes. This time, the walking dead will go out with a bang. It's all up to you. Step forward and show off your new archery skills. Enjoy the show!

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