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Bristol is the perfect place for a stag weekend - a compact city centre, with plenty of party zones to get your teeth into. It's absolutely paramount that you prepare for a weekend of craziness with at least one decent meal, so we recommend you pick our three course package to start off the Friday evening.

There are oodles of reasons why having a good feed at the start of a stag weekend is a good idea. For one, the Friday is the only time you can guarantee the whole stag party is going to be sober enough to eat some proper food. This may be the last chance you get to line the stomach properly, so grab it with both hands!

A decent meal is also a great opportunity for everyone to meet the stag's other friends, get an idea of what Bristol has to offer - and spot any likely-looking groups of hens in your immediate vicinity! Bristol is a mecca for the ladies as well as the gents, and our centrally located restaurant gives you the perfect view as they get together for their own weekends of fun. Who knows, you might just end up joining forces!

This is the definition of the no-brainer. Great food, right in the heart of things. Hit the Harbourside bars afterwards and prepare to party all weekend!