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Take a tour of a real WW2 bunker and fire 10 shots from a real machine gun! When it comes to badass activities for Bratislava stag dos, this is way up there with stuff like tank driving and extreme shooting. Get the lowdown on what happened in Slovakia during the Second World War and then lock and load for the most intense adrenaline rush a lad can get.

You'll be picked up and taken to the bunker for your tour. It's an amazing experience. It's not every day you get to go inside an actual war bunker. Step inside a piece of history and see WW2 memorabilia like guns and Army uniforms. Find out all sorts of stuff you didn't know. Slovakia was Germany's ally in 1939 but rebel forces rose up against the Nazis in 1944 in the Slovak National Uprising.

After your war history fix it's time to see some action! Shooting is one of the most popular activities for Bratislava stag dos. This is the kind of shooting you can't do back home. Grab the chance to get your hands on a machine gun and find out how it feels to actually pop off some rounds.

In brief:

  • WW2 bunker tour
  • 10 shots with a machine gun
  • Guide
  • Transfers
  • Allow 3 hours in total for this activity
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