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You've got to try river surfing on your Bratislava stag do! It's just like regular surfing only on a famous river with an artificial wave. Now you can get the rush of surfing without going far from the city. The wave is beautifully glassy and makes for a super smooth ride. The guys at the site can even adjust its speed and gradient. Whether you're a first-timer or an experienced wave rider, you'll have loads of fun river surfing in Bratislava.

River surfing is ideal for a Bratislava stag do, especially if you're after something different. As it's an artificial wave, you don't have all the hassle that comes with sea surfing. No waiting for waves to appear on the horizon or being smacked in the face by large bodies of water. Nor will you have to paddle for a wave as it's right there waiting for you to ride. Learn the basic skills and see if you can stand up first time. Not as easy it looks!

You'll have a right laugh seeing your mates wipe out and wobble around on surf boards. Charge your phones or bring a camera, the photos and video will be classic.

Imagine being able to say you surfed the iconic River Danube on your Bratislava stag do! If you want an activity that's impressive, memorable and makes you feel awesome, river surfing will hit the mark.

In brief:

  • River surfing near Bratislava
  • Instructor
  • Safety briefing
  • Equipment provided
  • Half-day activity
  • Guide Transfers included
  • Available April-November
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