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Why you should be going on a Budapest Stag Do

Ah, Budapest. City of history, culture and sensational architecture. Two towns for the price of one. The most cultured stag do location in Europe. You could say all of that about the Hungarian capital. But there's another, much simpler reason why Budapest is one of the best stag destintations on the planet: it's got the cheapest beer.

In 2015, Budapest finally unseated Prague as the place that serves up the most budget-friendly pint in Europe. At less than £1 a go, it's possible to get plastered and go home with change from £20. Not that I'm encouraging irresponsible drinking of course. I'm just saying.

The beer prices aren't the only reason to go on a Budapest stag do, mind you. If you're into exploring new cities, this one's a belter. Top spots to visit while you're reassembling your head after a night on the Dreher include the Parliament building (the third largest in Europe, and a neo-Gothic masterpiece); the Boscolo Budapest Hotel (used to be the New York Palace, is completely amazing); and the Castle District. You can easily spend a hungover Saturday afternoon getting lost in all the majesty. Or you could sack it all off and go for a long hot bath.

Budapest is situated on top of more than 100 thermal springs. You'll find thermal baths located pretty much everywhere in town, including the legendary Szechenyi complex. It's 102 years old and the ideal place to put a wet towel on your head and forget about booze for a few hours.

Obviously if you've flown all the way for a stag do in Budapest, you're going to want to do more than just lie around in a towel complaining about your headache. The city comes into its own for daytime stag activities just as much as it does for drinking. Cross country quad biking, banger racing, tank driving, even a Trabant rally - there's something here for every feller, and plenty of it petrol-headed.

If water's more your thing, you're in luck on a Budapest stag do. The Danube flows right through the city (it used to separate Buda from Pest), and locals will be happy to initiate you into the adrenaline-heavy sport of wakeboarding, or take you on a chilled river cruise.

Cheap beer, awesome activities - what else could a man want on a stag do? There's one thing missing from my list so far. Ladies. It seems Hungary's capital is all about the naked chicks, whether they're going at it in a lesbian show (which you can have on board your river cruise, incidentally) or bursting into your hotel room to wave their weapons of mass distraction around. Nice.

You may have noticed I haven't mentioned the nightlife yet. Got to save the best til last on your stag do! Budapest is home to some of the wildest clubs in Europe, lots of them housed in really odd places. Fancy getting battered on the rooftop of a Spar supermarket? At Corvinteto, the longest-running of Budapest's pop-up superclubs, you can do just that. Big fish, little fish, cardboard box - or, as they say at Corvinteto, 'be massive'. Yeah boy.

Still unsure? Call one of our stag do co-ordinators today, to find out what you could be doing on your Budapest stag do!

Back to articles Date Posted: Thursday 12th November 2015 Author: Jason England