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Here’s what makes Eastern Europe the perfect stag playground

Throwing an abroad stag party is a real challenge. If, as the best man, you’re thinking of pulling all stops for the stag party, and treating your best buddy to an unforgettable last fling before the ring, the job becomes even more difficult.

They say you have to experience a place to really get to know it. While the statement is quite accurate, it also means choosing an abroad destination for a alcohol-fuelled frenzy with the lads is risky business. While mainstream destinations like Spain, Germany, and Holland are extremely popular choices, Europe has a lot more to offer.

While most tourists don’t really pay any heed to Eastern Europe, the area has all the qualities to turn your stag party into a success. Here are five reasons you should take your stag celebrations to an Eastern European destination:

Everything is Economical!

While currency rate discrepancies in European countries are decreasing, Eastern European countries are still, by a long shot, cheaper. This holds true for transportation, accommodation, and even adventure activities!

That being said, there are a number of Eastern European countries where Euro is not accepted. For this reason, it is advisable to do thorough research, and carry enough local currency at all times.

Dirt Cheap Beer

That’s right, Eastern Europe offers the cheapest stag party fuel (beer) on the planet! According to PintPrice, you can get a beer in Prague for €1! To top this off, Eastern Europe offers some of the best craft beer around the World, and in plentiful quantities. Cities like Prague, Bratislava, and Budapest are lined with pubs, bars, and nightclubs of all shapes and sizes, making them perfect for a legendary bar crawl!

Fun Activities

While it is true that all stag activities are designed to be fun, Eastern Europe has taken the game to the next level. If clay pigeon shooting sounds exciting to you, think about how exciting it would be to try your hands on a real life AK-47!

Want something more pulse pumping? How about driving a tank? That’s right, now you can drive a real-life armoured war machine on a military obstacle course in cities like Prague and Budapest. A refreshing change from the regular quad biking sessions of stag groups, a tank driving session is something the stag will be talking about for years to come.


Thanks to its rich history, Eastern Europe is a history buff’s heaven. The best part is, the area is very small, but offers a wide variety of contrasting cultural experiences. Between Finland and Russia, you can cover a complete spectrum of cultural diversity, without having to travel for months.

Even cities like Budapest and Prague offer a very positive cultural vibes with cobbled streets, horse carts, and museums. Eastern Europe is truly a feast for any culture vultures in your stag group.

Amazing food, that is also cheap

If you or the stag are foodies, and love trying out local cuisines, Eastern Europe offers a ton of healthy and wholesome options, available at super-economical prices, in breathtaking settings. Having a traditional meal at a square sure seems like a dream right out of a Hollywood film.

Similarly, when it comes to alcohol, there are plenty of locally produced options available, ranging from authentic Russian vodka, to Schnapps in Austria.

Back to articles Date Posted: Wednesday 11th July 2018 Author: Barry O'Neil